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Some ideas were good enough for the final project. Some ideas were just good enough to be mentioned as discarded in our creativity paper. Some never made it out of the gate. Curiously all the ideas in this category were mine.

Murder Allowance

If we took Raleigh police off the streets on weekends and let folks get a “free shot” at that annoying neighbor, their ex-husband, or the bookie that’s still harassing them over last year’s Super Bowl, we could save a lot of carbon. Especially since we all know that annoying neighbors, ex-husbands, and bookies all drive Hummers. Plus, we save emissions from police patrols, we can pay our public servants less, and they’ll be happier because they can spend the weekends with their families (assuming they’re not married to bookies).


This one’s simple. Overpopulation is a huge driver of carbon emissions, so let’s thin ourselves out a bit. No driving to the store, no raising environmentally inefficient cattle. Just eat what’s handy.

Mandatory Vasectomies

Again, too many people equals too much carbon. Straight people are going to have sex (I’ll never know why). Too many contraceptives fail. You know what doesn’t fail? Vasectomies. Let’s give them to all male babies at birth. When men are ready to father children intentionally, the state will reverse the procedure free of charge.

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Dispatches from Aunt Des

D moved here from Utah not long before we met. Most of her family is still there and she misses her 5 nieces like crazy. I got the idea just last night to do a sort of “Where Aunt Des Lives” series on YouTube for them, so we filmed the first episode at the dog park.

While we were there, I couldn’t help snagging a little gratuitous footage of my precious boy playing.

These are perhaps the two most boring videos on all of the interweb.

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There’s a real shortage of accounting humor. My former boss used to tell the same joke over and over — I suspect because it was the only industry joke she knew:

Q: How can you tell if an accountant is outgoing?
A: He’s staring at your shoes instead of his own.

See what I mean?

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Generally NCSU football is not of interest to me.  This weekend marks the annual exception, when State plays my alma mater, UNC.  I snapped the picture below on my way to class this morning:

Unfortunately for some of my fellow State students, the Free Expression Tunnel doesn’t come with spell check.

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White Cheddartastrophy

Damn you, University Dining Services!

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D’s Birthday

I have a hard time deciding what to get D for her birthday and for the winter gifting occasion.  I like to approach it with a three-pronged attack: something she’s been wanting or needs, something nice (e.g., jewelry), and something homemade.

The homemade item is always tricky because D is a master craftster.. and a darn good cook, too.  My creative abilities fall quite flat in comparison to hers.  This year I decided to make a website for our upcoming wedding so that our families and friends who haven’t met D or I (not both, that would be silly) could get to know us a bit and so we could post wedding details as a convenience.

The result:

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Creative Exercise

Free association exercise below the fold…

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Creative Interviewing

Interviewer: If you were a food, what food would you be?

Me: I think I would be a tomato because most people aren’t sure if it’s a fruit or a vegetable, but if you give it a chance you find that it adds value to a lot of situations. It can work on its own, with just salt and pepper, as a sandwich, or as part of an elaborate sauce with lots of herbs and spices.

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Ann Marie Kennedy’s Houses

When I look at art I tend to immediately want to seize the “meaning” or the “take-away.”  I found that with Ann Marie’s translucent houses (with branches suspended inside), however, I was able to relax a bit and just enjoy the image.  I don’t know if that’s a good thing or a bad thing, honestly.  I don’t want to miss life lessons or opportunities when they present themselves, but I don’t want to forget to “stop and smell the roses” either.  It’s one of the central balancing acts of life, I’d think.

It occurs to me that the houses may have had the aforementioned effect on me because, while I was drawn to them and thought they were beautiful, I didn’t feel like I “got” what they were about.  Maybe it’s just my brain’s way of salvaging value when it isn’t able to pick out a specific “take-away.”  If I can’t understand it, I can certainly enjoy it…

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Spontaneous Reflections

Note: Something about tonight’s class has made me extremely cheesy. I’m a little embarrassed by the following, but I’m leaving it pursuant to the idea of this blog as an idea “junkyard.”

Chris Long’s presentation at the EPA tonight made me reflect a bit on who I am and who I’d want to be if I could start from scratch. As it turns out, I’m not displeased with anything that I can’t change.

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